Choose your mobile terrace deck!

What are mobile terrace decks? 😎

Mobile terrace decks are decks made in a factory/workshop, which are delivered ready-made to the customer and placed according to the customer's needs. The full production process is provided  in the workshop. That allows us to perform the work in a higher quality, faster and cheaper 💪, compared to the classic installation of terrace deck at the customer's place.


  • You do not need to look for a master who will build you a terrace deck. We will manufacture, deliver and install;
  • Innovative terrace production process,  various material choices, personalized design.
  • Our terrace decks have a wide range of uses. They can be placed:
  1. On adjustable support legs;
  2. On industrial wheels if you want to move it on a smooth surface;
  3. On screw piles or other previously prepared surfaces;
  • We deliver and ensure the placement of the terrace deck according to the customer's wishes;
  • Making a terrace deck does not delay the customer;
  • The production process is shown in pictures or in person;
  • No coordination with the building authority is required.
  • Controllable production conditions - quality!
Mobilās terases