How to choose the right terrace deck?

Terrace decks are rapidly gaining popularity. Cozy terraces are the perfect place to spend time outdoors near the house. The warm season in our country is not long, so it is good to have the opportunity to enjoy every warm summer evening. When choosing a terrace deck, it is worth choosing materials that will last for many years and will not require maintenance. Quality materials can affect the cost of the terrace deck, but this investment will greatly extend the life of the terrace deck. Our specialists will help every customer to find the most suitable solution not only in the selection of individual products, but will also be able to develop the most suitable constructive solution for the customer's wishes.

Step by step, how to choose your terrace deck!

1.  Step: Size selection;

2. Step: Selection of materials;

3. Step: Choosing a color;

 4. StepWhat to base the terrace deck on?

Step 1: Size selection

Choose the size of the terrace deck you like from the sizes we offer:

  • Mini: 2.4 x 2.4m;
  • Medium: 3 x 2m;
  • Max: 3 x 2.4m;
  • Large 4 x 3m
 Or order your desired terrace deck size.

2. Step:  Selection of materials

The choice of terrace deck boards has the biggest impact on the look of your terrace deck. However, not only the visual aspects should be taken into account, but also factors such as the longevity of the board, rot protection, care of the terrace boards. We offer terrace deck boards made of various materials. We currently offer:

  • Pressure-impregnated terrace deck pine boards;
  • Siberian larch terrace deck boards;
  • Heat-treated terrace deck boards;
  • Composite terrace deck boards.
This choice of boards also determines the biggest price difference for decks, as well as their lifespan.  Read more about types of wood here:types of wood

We only use stainless steel screws for the terrace deck boards, they stand the test of weather differences best, they don't rust and they are also flexible which means the screws can withstand movement in the structure.

Mobilās terases 2

Step 3: Choosing a color

We offer customers to choose one of the standard color tones, and it is also possible to mix any desired tone according to the color catalogs. Each decking board is painted once before it is screwed to the frame and once after all the boards are assembled. In other cases, it is painted a third time to achieve the desired tone. Composite boards are offered in ready-made color shades.

We use  weatherproof oils for wood. Oils that protect wood against the effects of weather conditions, which soaks well into the surface. The oil gives the surface hydrophobic and dirt-repellent qualities, improves wear resistance, accentuates and preserves the natural texture of the wood. The oil contains active substances that prevent the spread of mold and aquatic plants on the surface .

Selection of shades for wooden boards:    

Krāsu katalogs

Selection of shades for composite (WPC) boards:  

Step 4: What to base the terrace deck on?

The customer has the opportunity to choose what to base the terrace deck on.:

  • adjustable support legs;
  • movable wheels;
  • screw piles (additional assembly at the customer's facility - 80 euros per terrace deck).

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Industriālie ritenīši

Terrace deck construction

  • We assemble the terrace deck structures only from C24 calibrated 2nd class pressure-impregnated materials, C24 is a certified material intended for load-bearing and auxiliary structures, the material has the greatest strength. Pressure treated lumber is slightly more expensive than untreated wood, but greatly extends the longevity of the wood and reduces potential risks of biological damage.

Terases karkassSertificēti kokmateriāli, c24

  • We treat the terrace deck frame from the bottom and top with waterproofing materials (bitumen mastic and waterproofing tape) so that the structure lasts longer. Geotextile is also stapled to the bottom of the terrace deck so that grass does not grow in the gaps between the terrace deck boards.

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